Following the success of his debut album 'Quick Smart' in February of this year Psychonavigation boss Keith Downey serves up another selection of Enviromental Ambient soundscapes on 'Double Or Quits'.

From the opening sounds of mysterious creatures scurrying below the underbelly of an urban jungle, in “Punctual” we are drawn into a world where the natural meets the robotic. The industrial sounds move and shift from darkness to light creating unique sonic shapes that evolve with each listen. 

On the album title track, unsettling footsteps are intertwined with a sinister string loop, distant high pitched bird calls and snippets of phone calls to emergency services. 

Downeysays: My main inspiration behind this record was the 'Audio' (Tetsu Inoue / Charles Uzzell-Edwards / Daimon Beail) album & also the music of Woob.


Psychonavigation Records boss Keith Downey releases his debut Ambient album

Well after many years of listening to hundreds of demos and releasing other peoples music it was time to release some Ambient music of my own. My main inspirations in making the album was the music of the artist Biosphere aka Geir Jensen but also the found sounds that we all encounter on a daily basis be it the sound of traffic, people's conversations at a local market, the sound of someone cutting the grass perhaps or even just the lovely sounds of birds singing in the trees, basically anything or everything that you may experience from taking a walk around any town or city. ​As a an avid collector of Ambient music since the early 90's  I always wanted to make an Ambient record that I would hope can give the listener the same feeling which I experienced from my favourite Ambient records. No Mask Effect  -  Keith Downey 

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No Mask Effect - Quick Smart [The Irish Times] 

An impressive mixture of beats, rhythms and found sounds

It’s a brave record label owner that will stick their heads above the parapet by issuing their own music on their label.
Before you can say the words “vanity project”, it’s crucial to note that Psychonavigation Records’ head honcho, Keith Downey, has waited more than 20 years to flog his personal wares.

Quick Smart is an often impressive mixture of beats, rhythms, found sounds, birdsong, sine wave squeals, overheard dialogue (including Spanish and Italian), classical atmospheres and misty mood shapers. Across four tracks (the shortest, Grass, is more than nine minutes; the longest, Transfer of Deed, Pt 1 & 2, is more than 21 minutes), a reflective urban mood is evoked, with Downey most ably pitting himself against those musicians whose work he has previously released.


Sweet and delicious longform ambient!  Field recordings, phonography, soundscape, atmospheric space and true ambient music come together to make huge, lengthy and engaging sound environments.  The time it took to pile all the samples and sounds together must have been something; the end result reminds me of a more organic  form of FSOL’s first Environments LP.  I can’t praise much higher than that.  Fans of FSOL, Namlook’s more experimental side, Herd and Arthur Dent will dig this. 

Spin today and enjoy the trip! (5 out of 5) – Seriously, I want a copy of the entire disc. 


Slow moving, misty drones largely conceal the brighter, glimmering chorus of birdsong, but they can’t suppress the gloomy sound of thunder. Mystery vehicles rumble and shudder as they pass by, extremely close and yet, due to a lingering band of ambient fog, seemingly distant.

The street conversations carried out between friends and acquaintances, the static-laced reports of a local police force or other emergency services locked inside a restricted radio frequency, plus the occasional, anxious blaring of a car horn are paradoxically at one with the thoroughly chilled drone. In that respect, Quick Smart is an ambient record that doesn’t shy away from the constant struggle of modern life. On the contrary, and with tracks like “Downtown” and “Sense”, it’s embraced. And like the deepest ambient, there’s an opportunity to leave the suburbs behind.

Some prevailing constants are shared and repeated across a lot of ambient music. The glacial, two-tone swaying of “Downtown” isn’t anything new, but it’s still cold and pretty, acting like a strong glue as it sticks the clips of everyday life together. These icy drones feel as though they’ve tuned into a sparse and completely natural environment, opposing the very urbanization and pop culture of downtown life. Yes, the deep grumbling and the swoosh of passing cars is a reminder of our place, but it doesn’t dampen the ambient music; the traffic lights stay green. Retaining its deeply ambient feel despite the interference of the outside world, Quick Smart also manages to involve the listener in its rushed surroundings, and that’s quite a feat for what is generally considered an introverted genre. The field recordings place the listener inside – they don’t push.

Quick Smart is the debut ambient LP from Keith Downey, the captain of Psychonavigation Records. While he cites Biophere’s Geir Jensen as his main inspiration, Downey’s ambient music is free to be herself. As the listener gazes into the mirror of the music, a personal, unique reflection stares back; it is his alone. The seductive, rolling speech of Spanish and

Italian is ambient in itself, and it’s interesting to hear and experience a piece of ambient music that hones in on the undiluted sound of dialogue, pronunciation and delivery. It’s still music.

“Sense” is an ambient language, flowing and rippling like a lake of clear water; a small, ornamental fountain steadily trickles in the midst of a bustling market. The remainder glows like a crystal with a longer, deeper sculpture, and it sits at the heart of Quick Smart. Its icy throne is pristine, cold and smooth. Reflections glint and flicker as you gaze at the glassy surface, but there isn’t anything familiar about them. A levitating, low-hanging mist shrouds the music in part-secrecy until it slowly morphs into another densely textured track. The voices gradually return; the icy world melts and then fades.

Reality interrupts.

A peaceful garden closes the album, a perfectly safe space for zen-like reflection and relaxation. Wind chimes clink together and stealthy owls call out, but this being the city other, louder sounds constantly battle for attention. Dogs bark at people passing by and a mystical, faintly-remembered melody echoes out into the street before disappearing, like steam drowning in cold air. Down below, you see joggers going for an evening work out, and the last train of the day rattles by. They all compete for attention without ever really competing at all. They just blend in, and that’s the secret. (James Catchpole)

Ambient Lives Series (Classic ambient album re-issues by Psychonavigation Records) Presents : Zenith 

Originally released in 1994 on the late great Pete Namlook's Fax +49-69/450464 label the wonderful Zenith album get's a worthy re-release as part of Psychonavigation Records Ambient Lives Series. The series focuses on classic Ambient records hand picked by Psychonavigation Records boss Keith Downey.

The collaboration with former New Yorker Carlos Vivanco & Japanese minimal Ambient composer Tetsu Inoue is a stunning collection of floating ambience with a subtle Electro underbelly.

Over the years the album has been adored by the die hard fans of the fax label and also the Ambient music community worldwide. If your a traveler returning to this classic or if a your a newcomer it's time to sit back and enjoy this journey through space & time.

Artwork By : Rigoberto Espinosa

Written-By – Carlos Vivanco, Tetsu Inoue 


1. Sacred Mirror [14:58]
2. Electro Dreams [11.38] 
3. Plexus Solaris [18:45] 
4. Aura [19:15] 


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Finally this lost classic get's a worthy re-release 

Originally released in 2001 to great acclaim Adam Raisbeck aka Sense produced one of the best IDM albums of the time.Fans of melodic Ambient Techno salivated over the record's wonderful charm.
Fast forward 15 years and we can all reminisce and fall in love all over again to this lost album classic. 

Housed in a luxurious 4 Panel cardboard wallet with brand new artwork too. 

But one has to wonder how Sense is able to combine pleasing ambient frequencies with an almost classical soundscape. Each track on the upcomingView From a Vulnerable Place is packed with an exquisite assortment of tumbling electronics and symphonic debris. Tracks like “Choice”, and “All Is You” tap into some very emotional territory where soothing ambient chords, warm basslines and tickling highs float around your mind in a very peaceful fashion. IGLOOMAG



Psychonavigation Xmas USB

* Limited To 50 Copies *  An Ideal Stocking Filler!!
[Individually Numbered - Wooden USB Cross                

Contains 12 albums released on Psychonavigation Records in 2015  

[All music In Wav Format]  /  Comes In A Special Xmas Gift Pouch Bag
- Released 23rd November 2015

: Full List Of Albums On USB Stick : 

1. Steve Stoll - Solo In Place   2. New Composers – Boring Music 
3. International Debris - Ambifauna  4. Lorenzo Montanà - Vari Chromo
5. New Composers Sp.Guest Brian Eno - Smart   
6. Ecovillage - Jesus Of Nazareth  7. Lingua Lustra – Uhadi  

8. UOVI – UOVI  9. Povab - Zarja  10. Nymphalida - Lòghi  

11. Letters Of Utrecht - Letters Of Utrecht

* Plus special 60 Minute Mix of music from the back catalogue  *


: CD Tracklisting :

1 Strakita 2:50
2 Sirens Of Titan 4:33
3 Lovestory 3:01
4 Palace Of Friendship On Fontanka 4:15
5 Wodnay 2:53
6 Fokstrot 3:24
7 324-A 4:15
8 Long SQ 9:39
9 Adept 3:31
10 Ekzotek 3:15
11 Short SQ 3:27
12 La-La-La 5:13

Bonus Tracks : 

13. Regular Breathing 14. Musical Exercises 

(Valery Lakoff, Igor Vorotnikov, Igr.Ver,

Brian Eno (8,11,12,14)

Psychonavigation Records are proud to announce the

re-release of the classic album ‘Smart’ by Russian group

the New Composers

The album’s special guest is the legendary Ambient music

composer Brian Eno! He appears on four tracks

(Long SQ / Short SQ / La La La & Musical Exercises)  

The original album appeared back in 1999 on the legendary German Ambient label Fax +49-69/450464. 

For this special re-release we will be featuring 2 bonus tracks (unreleased Brian Eno collaboration) plus new artwork and instead of the original chunky Jewelcase plastic case the CD will be presented in a lush 6 Panel wallet ;)




Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin - Between Ourselves Limited Disc In 4 Panel Carboard Wallet [PSY 116] [PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] (22nd April 2016)

Ambient Lives Series Presents :   Sense - A View From A Vulnerable Place (Re-Release) Limited Disc In 6 Panel Carboard Wallet  [PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] [PSY 114]  (20th May 2016)

No Mask Effect – Double Or Quits Limited Disc In 4 Panel Carboard Wallet [PSY 117] [PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] (10th June 2016)

Lingua Lustra – Essence Limited 2 Discs In 4 Panel Carboard Wallet [PSY 119][PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] (12th August 2016) 

No Mask Effect – Nothing Out There Limited Disc In 4 Panel Carboard Wallet
[PSY 118] [PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] (9th September 2016)

Subverter – Dark Matter Tuxedo Limited Disc In 4 Panel Carboard Wallet
[PSY 120] [PSYCHONAVIGATION RECORDS] (11th November 2016)  


The Lunchbox Surrender - Silver Gloves and Spaces [OFF 032] [ OFFSHOOT]
5th AUGUST 2016 CD / Vinyl & Digital

PLUS MORE TBC..................