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Albert Borkent aka Lingua Lustra says : A collection of ambient and drones taken from my personal Bandcamp. Music to experience rather than to listen to, though listening is also possible. 
Outside the framework of space and time here are 10 tracks, 10 vehicles to transport and harmonise the listener and bring a meditative state. Clear or clouded, liquid or solid, let yourself go through different states of being, connecting earth, spirit, mind and emotion. 

Channeled by Lingua Lustra between 2014-2016 
Artwork "Be Loved" by Objowl

Following the success of his debut album 'Quick Smart' in February of this year Psychonavigation boss Keith Downey serves up another selection of Enviromental Ambient soundscapes on 'Double Or Quits'.

From the opening sounds of mysterious creatures scurrying below the underbelly of an urban jungle, in “Punctual” we are drawn into a world where the natural meets the robotic. The industrial sounds move and shift from darkness to light creating unique sonic shapes that evolve with each listen. On the album title track, unsettling footsteps are intertwined with a sinister string loop, distant high pitched bird calls and snippets of phone calls to emergency services. 

Downey says: My main inspiration behind this record was the 'Audio' (Tetsu Inoue / Charles Uzzell-Edwards / Daimon Beail) album & also the music of Woob.



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Subverter (aka Daniel Thomason), from Wiltshire in the South West of England, has previously released techno/house records on Reverberations Records and Nonsuchrecordings. Subverter returns after a long hiatus to focus on a the more downtempo/experimental side of things. 

'Dark Matter Tuxedo' is a beautiful collection of Ambient-Dub sounds. Reminiscent of the music released by the legendary Beyond record label in the 90's.Fans of Higher Intelligence Agency / Another Fine Day will adore this album. 

Subverter is influenced by the music of artists such as Daniel Lanois, Ishq, Brian Eno, Nodens Ictus, Ozric Tentacles, Laraaji, Irresistible Force to name but a few

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Hot on the heels of his last record in June,Keith Downey aka No Mask Effect delivers his third album of 2016. Downey's ability to merge Ambient Soundcscapes interwoven with spoken word samples and enviromental ambience have set up the artist as one to watch in the ambient scene.

The haunting opener 'Nothing Out There' features choice spoken word snippets which are mixed with astronomy inspired sounds befitting any great Sci-Fi movie soundtrack. The album continues with a young woman's thoughts on the city life of 'Denver' and the tranquility of the Colorado countryside that she longs to experience.

Mid way through the album the track 'Sleeping Shadows' is the artists own interpertation of Ambient Classical music. Emotional strings gently flow in and out creating a melancholy tone. 'Spork' features a distorted robotic voice that is barely audible but manages to create a dark atmosphere.


The re-release of the first two albums from Italian electronic composer Lorenzo Montanà. Black Ivy & Serpe appeared on the late great Pete Namlook's German label Fax +49-69/450464. 

This debut Solo-CD of Lorenzo Montanà is a fascinating mixture of IDM/Glitch and Chill-Out/Ambient combining different styles and modern production technologies. The sound is fresh and unassimilated,futuristic and "80s" at the same time. Using this unique music mixture BLACK IVY describes the microcosmos of flora, lakes, ancient landscapes... the sound of the sap and microscopic life forms. Debut CDs often have this special magic that comes from years of collection and dedication to the best sounds and compositions the artist was able to find to finally release them. "Black Ivy" has this kind of magic and FAX is proud to present this music to you. 

"Serpe", Lorenzo Montanà's second solo CD is once again a fascinating mixture of IDM/Glitch and Chill-Out/Ambient combining different styles and modern production techniques. Serpe's sound describes the true story of "la festa dei serpari". Each year, people from all over Italy descend upon the small mountain village of Cocullo. For la festa dei serpari, snakes are collected and wrapped around statues of St. Dominic in the hopes of being cured of various ailments. Afterwards, the snakes are returned to their natural habitat. "Serpe" is Lorenzo's personal vision of these ritual events, describing the "spiritual" energy that provides inspiration to carry on this old tradition.

                   Pete Namlook RIP 

Ambient Lives is a series brought to you by Psychonavigation Records Dublin,Ireland



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Music On A Shoestring [Psychonavigation 2000 - 2015] 

CD mixed by DJ.Food / Strictly Kev 

1. Miss Silencio & Dr.Atmo - Lebe Deinen Traum 
2. Karol Gwóźdź - Bittkow 
3. Lorenzo Montanà - Anya
4. Maschine - Cordmash
5. The Future Sound Of London - Heart Sick Chord
6. Gel-Sol - Secret Island
7. Shammen Delly - The Perfect Illusion 
8. Krill.Minima - Kronen Dab
9. Roedelius with Alex Paterson & Thomas Fehlmann - Elektrum
10. Spacetime Continuum - Beryllium Sphere (Live Mix)
11. New Composers & Brian Eno - La La La 
12. Arche - Elevate
13. CJC - Elastics
14. Bruno Bavota - If Only My Heart Were Wide Like The Sea
15. Enrico Coniglio featuring Arve Henriksen - The Girl From Murania
16. Sense - The Dream
17. Silent Q - Choughm
18. Geisha - According To The Map We're Right Here
19. Offland - Wait
20. Samora - Caos 
21. anodyne - Close Your Eyes (Corporation Street Remix By Autechre) 
22. Antonio Trinchera - The Wind Make Himself
23. Ciaran Byrne - Goodbye John, Goodbye Bella 

Psychonavigation Records Xmas USB

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* Limited To 50 Copies * [Individually Numbered]

 Contains 1​1​ albums & 1 EP​ released on Psychonavigation Records  in 2016​  + Special 60 Minute Mix of music from the back catalogue


- Wooden USB Cross

-  All music In Wav Format 
- Comes In A Special Xmas Gift Pouch Bag
- Released 23rd November 2016​

: Full List Of Albums On USB Stick : 

1. Dimitri Mazurov - Rudiments
2. No Mask Effect - Quick Smart
3. Fictioncity - The Shell
4. Ambient Lives Series Presents : 
Pete Namlook & New Composers - Russian Spring  (Re-Release) 
5. Sonia Skobeleva & Stanislav Vdovin - Between Ourselves 
6. Ambient Lives Series Presents :   
Sense - A View From A Vulnerable Place (Re-Release) 
7. No Mask Effect – Double Or Quits 
8. Lingua Lustra – Essence [Double Album]
9. No Mask Effect – Nothing Out There 
10. Ambient Lives Series Presents :  
Zenith – Zenith  (Carlos Vivanco & Tetsu Inoue)  
11. Subverter –  Dark Matter Tuxedo
12. New Composers – Sputnik Of Life EP 

Ambient Lives Series  (Classic ambient album re-issues by Psychonavigation Records) Presents Zenith.

Originally released in 1994 on the late great Pete Namlook's Fax +49-69/450464  label the wonderful Zenith album get's a worthy re-release as part of Psychonavigation Records Ambient Lives Series.  The series focuses on classic Ambient records hand picked by Psychonavigation Record's boss Keith Downey. 

The collaboration with former New Yorker Carlos Vivanco & Japanese minimal Ambient composer Tetsu Inoue is a stunning collection of floating ambience with a subtle Electro underbelly. 

Over the years the album has been adored by the die hard fans of the fax label and also the Ambient music community worldwide.  If your a traveler returning to this classic or if a your a newcomer it's time to sit back and enjoy this journey through space & time.

Sonia Skobeleva is a photographer and a musician from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  Stanislav Vdovin is an accomplished musician from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, who's had releases on multiple labels, dedicated to electronic music. 

Between Ourselves - an album recorded during a year of intense work over the internet - experimental in nature though its musical language is clear and accessible. Rich, but subtle arrangements that are influenced by most genres of modern music, capturing moods, moments, and places - real and imaginary. Recorded in 2014 in Saint Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.Music by Sonia & Stanislav. Sonia played acoustic & electric guitars, effects & keyboards, Stanislav played keyboards, samples & effects.  Mixed by Stanislav Vdovin. 

Mastered by Vincent Villuis at Ultimae Studio, France (tracks 2, 3, 5 - 8) & Pranas Gudaitis at audiomastering.lt (tracks 1, 4). 

Artwork by Sonia Skobeleva.

Russian producer Dimitri Mazurov returns with his third full length album called "Rudiments". 

A deep listen that takes you through a world of dark futuristic soundscapes. 

All music written and produced by Dimitri Mazurov 

Vestige [Oval remix] written and produced by Markus Popp / Oval 

Mastered by Peter Malafeev 

Cover art by Natalya Okisheva and Crypt Keeper 

Special thanks to Keith Downey @ Psychonavigation Records HQ

Order CD Below : 

CD I                                                    CD 2 

1.Cloudsong 06:58                             1. Meditation 06:35
2.Kaleidoscope 2 04:12                      2.  Fluxon 52:32
3.Mirrormusic 3 04:43                         3. Azimuth 12:00   
4.Road Of Light 09:20
5.Love Is The Force 11:25
6.Essence 36:14

A collection of classic tracks from the Russian Ambient / Electronic band New Composers. Composed in the 90's this compilation takes the listener on a beautiful journey through the sounds of Acid House / Techno / House
 & Ambient music. 

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Ambient & Electronic music since 2000

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PSY 101 International Debris - Ambifauna                         

Ambifauna is the second album by International Debris, a musical project by Ross Baker. The album follows February's Bathe in the Lights of Distant Cities on Metaphysical Circuits by expanding the sound dramatically. With a smaller cast of collaborators (Gregg Jackson on sitar and Five Minute Alone's Dimitris Avramidis on piano), Baker allows the music to move amorphously from track to track, melding lush ambient chords to abstract sound collages and occasional forays into skittering rhythmic sections. At all times the music is widescreen in sound, painting an intricate sonic picture of a densely populated landscape. 

File under : FSOL / Ambient / Chillout

Dutch electronic artist Lingua Lustra makes his Psychonavigation Records debut with a stunning 5 track album of emotional electronic music.

The perfect combination of lush synth pads and gorgeous melodies make this one album not to be missed!

File next to : Move D 'Solitare' / Spacetime Continuum 'Sea Biscuit'

Tracklisting : 

1 Rise

2 More Than Words Can Say

3 Siren

4 Uhadi

5 Run


Order CD Below : 

After 13 years of making music here and there, I decided to sum it all up in these 57 minutes of music the majority of the industry people would probably classify as downtempo ambient sound with some solid inclusions of IDM and more than tolerant attitude to live instruments. I'll bow to them with respect and answer that I really did my best at emulating 70s psychedelic art rock or 90s new age musical matters with the means of 2010s electronic music. It's like Pink Floyd's of King Crimson's concepts being put through the prism of contemporary electronic sound - technically, that was the idea. But I believe that the most important thing and the purest goal one can ever achieve by creating a piece of music is another introvert teenager dreaming in his headphones before he falls asleep. Well, not necessarily a teenager - unfortunately, one could hardly identify me as a young man already, but I still visit the Wonderland.

I've tried to create these imaginary surrealistic music worlds of my own - all for you to travel through. I want to tell you a story, I want to speak to you through the music. I hope you like what you hear. I also want to give a credit to all the people who contributed to "The Shell" and without whom it just wouldn't be the Wonderland I intended it to be. I thank Jovana Djordjevic for her spectacular voice, and Dan Hawkins for his incredible live bass, and surely Jens Gad of Enigma for this guitar magic,and Denis Sedovich of Caravan, for his godlike classic guitar vibe. And to Huby Sea for his out-of-this-planet mastering skills and naturally SETI ears:) And finally, thanks to Keith Downey of Psychonavigation Records for making it possible for me to speak.   Written and recorded in Siberia, 2010-2015

File under :  Ambient-Dub / F.S.O.L. / Woob 

The re-release of the classic album from the legendary Ambient producer Pete Namlook [Fax] and the Russian musicians New Composers. The CD has been lovingly Re-mastered by Max Kondrashow.

Familiarity and cooperation with Pete was the most enjoyable event in our creative career - nearly 10 years and 5 albums - 3 joint projects and 2 personal. We attracted full freedom in creativity and combining musicians from different countries and cultures, where the common language was electronic music! 

With Pete it was easy to work with people all over the world! We were lucky to get acquainted with him and his family and to visit his wonderful city and work in the Studio – A museum of electronic instruments! What a wonderful person, very little in this world ...  A great loss [New Composers 2016] 


All tracks written, composed, recorded and produced by Emil Holmström and Peter Wikström

All tracks mixed by Peter Wikström

Tracks 12 and 15 co-produced by Gayle Ellet who played moog and electric guitar.

Tracks 14 and 16 co-produced by Raymond Scott Woolson who played electric guitar. 

Recorded in Ålidhem and Mariehem studios.

Mastered by Taylor Deupree 12k Mastering

Produced by Ecovillage

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Spacetime Continuum - Sea Biscuit

Jonah Sharp aka Spacetime Continuum classic 1994 album get's a very worthy re-release in 2017! Originally released in 1994 on the legendary German label Fax +49-69/450464.

The album is recognised as one of the best Ambient albums of the 90's. A wonderful mix of Ambient / Environmental & Detroit inspired sounds.

Limited CD presented in a luxurious 6 Panel Digifile package!

This album is part of the Ambient Lives series 

Albert Borkent is an ambient artist and experimental sound designer from The Netherlands.The prolific producer makes a welcome return to Psychonavigation Records following his 2015 opus 'Uhadi.

'Essence' displays the artists gorgeous Ambient-Dub sounds but also this time around the Dutch producer adds a gentle Techno kick across the albums nine tracks. 

Fans of Dub-Techno artist Bvdub will enjoy this double CD immensely!

Psychonavigation Records boss Keith Downey releases his debut Ambient LP                                                

Well after many years of listening to hundreds of demos and releasing other peoples music it was time to release some Ambient music of my own. My main inspirations in making the album was the music of the artist Biosphere aka Geir Jensen but also the found sounds that we all encounter on a daily basis be it the sound of traffic, people's conversations at a local market, the sound of someone cutting the grass perhaps or even just the lovely sounds of birds singing in the trees, basically anything or everything that you may experience from taking a walk around any town or city.

As a an avid collector of Ambient music since the early 90's I always wanted to make an Ambient record that I would hope can give the listener the same feeling which I experienced from my favourite Ambient records (Keith Downey)

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PSY106 New Composers w/ Brian Eno - Smart

The leading forces of Russian Ambient music meet the inventor of Ambient!

The New Composers who set standards in the Russian Techno and Ambient scene now collaborate with a man who invented Ambient music in the early 80ies, Brian Eno. The music varies between the piano - charm of a Russian ballet studio, pure ambience and environmental music as well as 80ies electronic instrumental and 50ies “Fokstrot” music. For Ambient listeners this album is simply a must. No further comment necessary…

Limited CD In 6 Panel Card Wallet PSY 106 

This Re-Mastered album is part of Psychonavigation Records Ambient Lives Series

1. Strakita 2:50  
2. Sirens Of Titan 4:33 
3.  Lovestory 3:01
4. Palace Of Friendship On Fontanka 4:15  
5. Wodnay 2:53
6. Fokstrot 3:24  
7. 324-A 4:15  
8. Long SQ  9:39  
9.  Adept 3:31
10.Ekzotek 3:15  
11. Short SQ 3:27  
12. La-La-La 5:13  

​​Bonus Tracks : 
13. Regular Breathing 
14. Musical Exercises 

(Valery Lakoff, Igor Vorotnikov, Igr.Ver, Brian Eno (8,11,12,14)

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​​PSY105 Lorenzo Montanà - Trilogy 

* Special collectors Item *

3 x Glassmaster CD’s in a luxurious 6 Panel Cardboard wallet

This unique package contains the three albums Eilatix / Leema Hactus & Vari Chromo.Over the years the Italian producers works have become collectors items so make sure you don’t miss out on this super limited package!

1 Nepenthes’s Touch 07:39
2 Byblis OT 05:07
3 Quantic Rajah 06:03
4 Oval Wood 05:35
5 Genlixea 06:50
6 Blue Stylidium 06:26
7 Temporary Light 08:13


1 Conflict Garden 3:54
2 Emerald 6:16
3 Drops To Repeat 4:54
4 Nordland EQ 4:16
5 Leema Motion Zone 5:54
6 Dew Flow 4:30
7 Hypnogreen 4:35
8 Greenlift 4:47
9 Deuterk 6:31
10 Invisible Subwire 4:53
11 Pjp55 0:53


1 Siberia 5:28
2 Nekto 5:25
3 Spoot 6:25
4 Crystal Waves 4:04
5 Hy-Brazil 5:28
6 Tek Kyah 4:46
7 Anya 5:44
8 Vari Chromo 3:27
9 Green Room 5:33
10 Phase Constant Oscillation 12:22

Order 3 CD Package Below  :